Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's my Birthday!

Dear Blog Readers (hope you're still out there),
We have officially been in Utah for a MONTH, and it's more than I can comprehend.
We have filled our days with COUSIN fun to the max, sleepovers, birthday parties. Not to mention house hunting, phone calls with the bank, job searching and so much more.

Grant and Faith are in school at my Alma Mater, Westridge Elementary, and seem to be doing fine. Baby is coming in just 3 weeks, and the kids can hardly wait one more second. We attended a Baby Class at the Intermountain Medical Center (5300 & State) last night, and I think it boosted ALL of our excitement for this little guy to arrive.

Clark and John are enjoying their time here, although I think they miss the schedule of their Preschool. We read extra books and play the Wii (Santa's gift for Christmas) together. Clark is quite the little bowler. Clark's favorite activity so far here in Utah is SLEDDING. As he walked up the hill for the 50th time, I asked him "Clark, is this better than Disneyland?" His reply...YES!

Today's my birthday, and to celebrate, I invited my entire family (all 20 of them) to join me at the Open House of the Draper Temple. I can't think of a better place to celebrate.

Oh, did I mention? Through a twist of fate, we GOT A HOUSE for a great price! We'll be living in Draper beginning in February sometime. The 1/2 acre yard is just too good to be true, and can't wait for you to come share it with us. We literally close the DAY before the baby is to arrive - this might be interesting. I'm happy to let my husband sneak away from the hospital after baby arrives, because I know he will be inching us closer to being in our own place.

I am SO grateful to my sweet parents who have hosted all 6+ of us so beautifully. It truly has not been inconvenient for us at all, and I hope that we have lightened their load rather than burdened it. They sure act like they like us (wink).

Pictures will come soon - I'm just not sure how to do it on my mom's computer.

We miss all our dear friends in Arlington, and hope they know how much they have influenced our lives for good. Please keep in touch - we love you!