Wednesday, August 12, 2009

John Turns 4!

For John's Birthday, we celebrated with his Hawkins cousins. The kids played outside in the sprinklers, and we just had a great time!
We visited with Grandma Ottley, and happened to catch her on a REALLY great day. She was smiling, laughing and singing along with the children. Grandma is the center of our world and we just love her so much. This "Tender Mercy" came for Grandpa, as we visited on his 87th birthday.
She went back to her "unhealthy" self the next morning. Faith played Lightly Row for Grandma and Grandma sang right along!
Andrew and I went to Logan two weekends ago to visit our cousins and do a little SHOOTING! What? I had never shot a gun in my life, and until about 3 months ago, had NO desire to do so. But, we felt like we needed a little bit of training, JUST IN CASE, and I have to was fun!
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