Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Children's Museum with the cousins!

On Monday, we ventured up to the Gateway to spend the day at the Children's Museum. After having visited the world-renowned Indianapolis Children's Museum and the Port Discovery in Baltimore, our expectations were pretty high! But, I can happily say that we were pleased with what we found!
"The Garden" was the kids' favorite spot. Even the big kiddos loved putting balls in the tubes and watching where they went!
Sweet little Drew has had an episode of Eczema lately and we can't figure out how to treat it. Any suggestions? We're trying Vaseline, Neutrogena lotion and even diaper creme.
Here they are! Mia, Christian, Clark, Grant, John, Abbie, BJ, Jack, Faith and Jane. All 10 cousins together in one place! We love living close!
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Happy Easter!

On Sunday evening, we went to Mimi and Papa's house for a wonderful Easter Dinner, complete with 11 kids and 10 adults! Mimi asked the big kids to hide the eggs for the little kids...then, of course, they got to "search" for their own loot.
John is so happy because I'm positive he's never eaten as much candy as he did on Sunday!
I'm glad that Mindy grabbed my camera, so that I could participate with my kiddos in the HUNT! Clark was so sweet at our Neighborhood Egg Hunt in the dark. Each child was supposed to go out and find 12 eggs, but he came back with only 2! You'd think a 5-year old would be in tears about that, but not Clark! He just said "Just got two, Mom!" and went about his business. When I gave him one out of JOhn's basket, he was thrilled and said "THANKS, MOM!" He has such a soft heart and is always trying to help others be happy.

So, I wanted to make sure that he got his share at this hunt, as a reward for his sweetness.
I can't remember what Grant was laughing at, but Mindy can always make him laugh, and HARD! He's not pretending... he really is in STITCHES about something!
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Happy Birthday, Faith!

Mimi came to help with Faith's Dress-up party last WEdnesday afternoon. The kids were out early from school because it was the start of Spring Break.
Faith determined all the activities: Pin the tail on the Pony (drawn by herself); Horse, Horse, Pony (aka Duck Duck Goose), Who stole the cookies? and of course PINK cupcakes! Have you read the book called "Pinkalicious" about a girl who eats too many pink cupcakes? It's darling and could very well happen to my little Faith!
Mommy quickly wrote out this poster so that the girls could decorate it at the beginning of the party. Now, Mommy DOES know how to spell Birthday, there was just a lot going on! Oops!
Clark thought he was SO funny to jump into the pictures, that he got us all laughing! Life with brothers - faith is so lucky!
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A dog...a what? A dog!

Presenting...Lucy! An 8 week old Golden Retriever. The breeder told the kids that Lucy will love the child who treats her the best. I have been amazed at how well Faith has done, volunteering to take her out and go potty, patiently waiting outside in the rain for her, carrying her in the bucket, and so much more.
This is a patient dog. Faith carries her around like a baby doll with her legs dangling below and Lucy doesn't even react! She's so cute!
If you look closely, you can see her pink polka-dot collar. She will receive the fullest treatment of GIRL that a dog possibly can. Afterall, this IS Faith's new sister (sadly the only sister she'll have)
We got this kennel that is made for Golden Retrievers. IT's hard to believe that Lucy will fill this, but I'm sure it will be sooner than we think. Potty report...Lucy now knows to go potty only in the mulch at the back of the yard. I'm not kidding! If you run with her out there, and say "Go Potty, Lucy!" she goes! She's a GOOD GIRL!
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Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend Fun!

This is our dear Grandma M. who will turn 90 at the end of the month. She does such a wonderful job of staying involved with all the goings-on in our lives. Something amazing...she sends Birthday Cards to every one of her grand children AND great grandchildren. You are amazing, Grandma. Thanks for your amazing example.
Uncle Jesse is always fun, even when reading a book!
Grant doing his Science Project. Sucking the egg up into the bottle. We finally found the right size egg and it worked! He was so excited to take his project to school today. Can't wait to hear about the results!
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We are so blessed!

We spent our weekend with 42 of our very favorite people. 16 of the Croshaw Family slept at our home both on Friday and Saturday, and it was just so wonderful to see the kids playing together, being SUPER silly together, and just getting reacquainted after living away from Utah for so long. We had great discussions with the adults, and thoroughly loved having Grandma M. come for the blessing Sunday morning.
This is the RICH side of the family - all who live closeby. We couldn't be grateful enough to everyone for coming to support our little Drew Michael. Let's see...11 grandkids on the Rich side...11 on the Croshaw side. Which made for an active General Conference!
My sweet Drew Michael who is getting SO BIG! He's 7 weeks now and is such a wonderful child. Very patient with all the love he gets from his siblings, cousins and especially Faith!
I'm not sure Drew was trying to smile, but it sure looks like one...we'll take it! For his blessing, he was wrapped in a beautiful crocheted blanket made by his Mimi and the blanket that his Daddy was blessed in almost 36 years ago!
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools!

The kids are eating their "eggs" for an after school snack. Can you guess what they're made of?
I also put candy in their beds, with a little note "Happy April Fool's Day"
Grant's after school chores today were: Homework, Climb Mt. Everest, Laundry Basket, Fly to the Moon, Eat the Garbage
Faith's were: Call Hannah Montana, Homework, Carry the van to Hattie's house, Laundry Basket, Ride your bike to California and Eat your Coat.

I heard Faith singing the same April Fool's song that I sang when I was in Elementary School. That sure brought back a lot of memories!
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Baby Drew, and a sneak peak at our next addition!

I took these pictures of Drew the other day, and realized that he has officially grown out of the 0-3 month clothing. Yes, that's right. He's only 7 weeks old. He has changed so much, I can hardly believe it! Every little thing he does is sentimental because this is the last time we'll have a little one in our home so small. Faith likes to hold Drew like I do, walk around, put him on her hip, and (needless to say) it gives me a minor heart attack. But, she sure loves him and just wants to be a big girl.
This is the sneak peak of our new addition! I know, I know. I'm crazy. Didn't I just give birth 7 weeks ago? Yes. But, didn't we promise the kids a dog as soon as we got into a house? Yes. When you love your kids, you do crazy things! This little Golden Retriever will be OURS beginning next Wednesday, April 8th.

We wrote a list of about 40 names - some silly, some serious - and will have to narrow it down in the next week.

She will be a BIG dog and will spend MOST of her days in the backyard. The kids had so much fun playing with our little GIRL dog and her siblings. Why a girl? So Faith can have a sister, of course! Well, maybe the next best thing. More details about HER later.
Clark and Drew just being cute - age 7 weeks.
John loves this boy SO much. Not an ounce of jealousy - just lots of slobbery kisses on Drew's head. Drew must not be allergic to Peanut Butter, because John left a little deposit on his face the other day, and we didn't get a reaction. Phew!

Happy Spring - it snowed today. But, that doesn't stop the kids from jumping on the trampoline.

Funnies: John said "Mom, I need to FLOOS my teeth!"
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