Thursday, June 24, 2010

Salem Pond

With Mom's surgery schedule for Wednesday, we had a family BBQ at Salem Pond. For the first time in YEARS, someone took a picture of Andrew and I. Sadly, the only picture that turned out was the one that best shows my crooked smile. I am a girl who loves to smile, but if I smile too big, it goes CROOKED! One of my flaws...oh well.
Then, we wanted a Girls-Only picture. This was a funny one of us "in-action", so I had to include it. Keep reading and you'll see the finished product.
From left: Danielle, Me, Mindy, Mom and Joanna. Oh, how I love my sisters! Thanks for a great night!
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Candy, anyone?

For our first Cousin Camp of the summer, we visited the Sweet's Candy Factory! Sadly, I look pregnant in this picture - um...I'm not. Just need to lay off the CANDY!
Here's the whole crew after the tour. After staying in the yellow lines and NOT touching anything for 30 minutes, we made it to the end. It was SO interesting to see how they make cinnamon bears and MILLIONS of pounds of jelly beans. Of course, there were samples along the way, and the kids were in HEAVEN!
Oh, did I mention that we got to wear these adorable hats? Keeping them on the babies was a bit of a challenge, but we had a GREAT day! The Candy Factory is out by the Salt Lake City Airport and the tours are absolutely FREE!
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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Spirit Week!

Can you guess? NERD DAY! The kids had SO much fun dressing up and Faith sat completely still while I did this to her hair - very atypical of my daughter!
The next day was...CRAZY HAIR/HAT DAY! Clark wanted a spike like Lewis from "Meet the Robinsons". Faith wanted volcanoes all over her head. So, 25 minutes later, we had done it!
Grant's hair is so incredibly short after his self-inflicted reverse mohawk, that we couldn't do a thing to it. So, he wore a soccer cone on his head - not my idea, but he thought it was hilarious! This picture makes me laugh so hard! Each showing their personalities so well!
Faith's trick - cross-eyes. I hadn't seen her do this in ages, but when I asked to take a picture of her hair, this was her immediate reaction. Grant looks so cute in the background too.

Stay tuned for Pioneer Pictures. Although I'm not supposed to look 21st century, I"m going to insist on bringing my camera to This is the Place next week, where we volunteer on Fridays from 10-2. Come visit us in the Rich home - we'd love to have you!
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Draper Elementary FUN RUN!

Boy, this was a long time coming. For the past month, Grant has run around the block (.5 miles) every day, trying to improve his speed. Not because he WANTED to, but because it was part of his consequence for getting an unacceptable grade on his report card (it was lower than D-). Which class you ask? COMPREHENSIVE READING! If you know Grant, you're laughing out loud right now, because he is a voracious reader! Just didn't feel like doing his book reports. Hmmmm...

Anyway, we challenged him to run as much as he could, and complete the race in less than 20 minutes. Result...he was RUNNING when I saw him, and he actually finished in about 21 minutes. MUCH improved over last year - way to go, buddy!
Here comes my happy little Clark, running with a smile on his face, as always! Clark doesn't need to run with friends, he's just having a great time and doing his best! I was proud of him---(don't tell Faith but he was ahead of her at this point)

Here is my little ray of sunshine named Drew-bug. We played at the park after the race, and I got ths cute one. It almost looks like he doesn't have hair, he has turned so blonde!
John on his last day of preschool. So, we did something crazy...we combed his hair! His teacher, Mrs. King, has been absolutely precious, and we have loved her so much. He has learned an amazing amount and is READY for Kindergarten in the fall! What will I do with only one child home every morning? Hm...I can think of about 46 things of the top of my head!
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