Saturday, May 30, 2009

BJ's party!

This is Drew (18 pounds) with his newborn cousin, Alice Malee. I'm so glad we captured this while they were asleep. Aren't they adorable? What makes my babies grow so big? I think I will take the credit in THICK, NUTRITIOUS Mommy milk. Thank you, thank you very much.
Darling neice, Amelia, with her "curlies" and ketchup face. Isn't she a crackup?
The "triplets" (my John, BJ - birthday boy, and Jane) all born 2 months apart from each other. This potato sack race was the funniest one. Within 4 feet, Jane fell and started to cry. One more jump beyond Jane, BJ tripped, fell and started to cry. John happened to be ahead of them, so he just continued on and finished the race. The other two DID finish with the help of the magic jumping parents!

My sisters and I. Thanks, Mom, for capturing this picture! Love you sisters! I really love living close and buzzing down for a quick birthday party - we have never been able to do this, and now I"m trying to take advantage of every chance I have to be with family!
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Family Fun!

Part of the fun we had in Logan (sorry, these posts are out of order) was riding Aunt Connie's BIG motorcycle. Thank you, Connie, for loving our kids enough to take them. You made their week!
Clark just hanging out in the tree!
Here is the FAMOUS "A" at Utah State, that has turned many a commoner into an official TRUE AGGIE. The kids were in SUPER goof mode, but were really good sports as we drove them around campus, reminiscing about our life there 13 years ago. We even got a chance to peek into Trailer #65 at USU MObile Home Park where we first lived. Same green carpet, same trellis border that we put in and the same cozy feel - we loved that trailer so much!
Oh, and we had to remember what it felt like to kiss on the "A". ARE YOU A TRUE AGGIE?
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Here's the Latest!

Last Saturday, Dad Croshaw came up and he, with Andrew, worked to fix the fountain! I am pleased to say, after much ado, that it is working and wonderful! It creates a nice, gentle stream sound and it's going to be lovely.
Also on Saturday, Grant celebrated his 9th birthday. Here are the darling kids - they love Grant! We bought him trick candles, but they "tricked" me and didn't relight. Oh well!
On Memorial Day, we drove to Logan to visit the gravesite of Cristin, Andrew's sister, who passed away in 1990. We had such a great time reuniting with so many Croshaw cousins. There were probably 50 of us there, and as we stood in a circle and sang, there was a very sweet Spirit.

When we lived away from Utah, we started a tradition of letting a yellow balloon "go" up into the sky in memory of Cristin. After hearing much about "No, I want to let it go", "No, I do"...we got four balloons, and each child let them go in his/her own style! We loved that trip.
Here's a cute picture of Drew! The weirdest thing happened this past week. Drew's naturally-occuring mowhawk DISAPPEARED! His hair just laid down and he honestly looked like a different baby! We love him either way and he is just a DELIGHT in our family! He'll talk and talk to me, while I hold him. He can make many different shapes with his mouth, and has recently discovered the art of pulling mommy's hair! It's a hurts, but I'm thrilled!
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Friday, May 15, 2009

Drew-bug is 3 months old!

I took this picture yesterday while Mimi and Papa were here. He was looking out the back door and the lighting was so perfect! I just love those little lips and kiss them at least 50 times a day! Ooh...we love this boy!
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Monday, May 4, 2009

Funny Face

I took these pictures to send to my cute Auntie Gaye, who gave this outfit to Drew. It's a 6-12 month outfit, and Drew will be just 3 months this week! We put him on the scale with Grant, and with Grant weighing in at 70 pounds, Drew weighs 15 pounds! And we love every ounce of him!

Somber Boy

Many people tell us that Drew looks just like his brother, Grant. Grant was a very serious baby and it took the Circus to make him smile.

Although these pictures show the serious side of Drew, he has really started to smile and even "talk" lately. I could listen to him talk all day. If I put him in the bend of my elbow with him looking up at me, he'll talk and talk - music to Mommy's ears.

Here's a cute one of his smile.

He is just so angelic - we can't count our blessings fast enough!