Friday, August 15, 2008

Splash Down!

At the beginning of the summer, we made the decision NOT to join a pool, mostly because it costs about $400 for the cheapest option, and we just didn't know if we'd get our money's worth. So, to get our "water fun", Daddy took the day off on Tuesday and we went to Splash Down!
It was affordable, and just the right size for the kids. They had free life jackets to wear, a lazy river, about 8 slides, a lap pool, and a kids play area.
For the past few weeks it's been just HOT HOT HOT around here - somewhere in the 90s with about 50% humidity. But, on Tuesday, (just our luck) it was actually cool! Andrew and I shivered through a bit of the day, but the kids loved every minute! I love to see them growing up, doing their own things, and being so independent in the water. Clark didn't want to hold onto anyone's tube in the Lazy River. He liked the way the water pushed him downstream...until he got TOO far downstream and couldn't find us. Just as we said "I can't see Clark anymore", we noticed him on the side with the lifeguard crying. Poor guy - he stayed a little closer after that!
This slide was in the Children's Area, and was the perfect size for John. He could walk up to the top and come down at his own pace, and then do it again and again. When he'd get to the bottom, he'd check to see where I was, and then yell "I don't want to go home", and run back up to the top, over and over again! He is our least comfortable in the water, but I think that's starting to change. Overall, it was a great day!
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Claude Moore Memorial Farm

I took the kids to McLean where we jumped back in time to the year 1771. The kids got to try living this life hands-on, and I think they liked it. There is something very soothing about the simplicity of life back then. Laundry = one set of clothes per person per week
Kids games = rolling a wooden hoop with a stick, playing "9 pin" and swinging on a rope
and swinging on the rope, and swinging and swinging - I think they would have stayed there all day! I think we need to get a rope at our house!
Here Clark and John are "carding" wool, where you pull it apart to make the fibers soft and separated, so that you can then change it into string. We had a great day, which ended with us being stuck in a huge rain storm. Those are what make memories, right?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our Biggest Surprise Ever!

Before I left the hospital with my Pulmonary Embolism, the doctor told me 5 times (no exaggeration) that under NO circumstance should I get pregnant. Coumadin can be very damaging to a fetus, particularly in weeks 6-12 of pregnancy. And because I would be on Coumadin for the rest of my life, our childbearing years were over. With heavy hearts we agreed, and were even giggling that she repeated herself SO many times.

So, we came home and tried to stay "out of trouble". We did pretty well, I thought.

But...SURPRISE! We're pregnant! I have seen baby on ultrasound twice, and he/she is absolutely a miracle!

Because I stopped Coumadin at 4 weeks pregnancy, they think baby will probably avoid any side effects of the medicine.

Due Date: February 23, 2009
Current Status: 12 weeks

I have felt nauseated, but have not experienced any vomiting. I have started to see the light at the end of the tunnel with my energy level. Thanks to a sweet summer "helper" and patience from the kids, I have been able to take a nap everyday during "quiet time". I look forward to being my OLD self again!

They switched me to a medication called Lovenox, a daily injection. It's worth it for the baby!

We have faith that the Lord is watching over us and our little lime-sized baby and He knows our needs and loves us very much.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Busy Week Afterall!

No pictures on this post, but I wanted to capture all that we did this week!

On Monday morning, I was feeling guilty because the kids were doing "nothing" (pretend, magnatiles, pirates, doggy, etc) while I was doing laundry and cleaning the house.

For some reason, I was feeling guilty because, obviously, we NEVER do anything fun and I need to be a FUN-ner mom! But, as I reflect back on my week, I think we had our share of fun, and I think the kids are JUST FINE to stay home one day out of the week. They don't complain one bit about it, and Grant actually ASKS "Can we just stay home and be a family today?" Isn't that sweet?

These are hours of "free play" that we just don't get during the school year, so come on, enjoy them!

Monday evening - we went swimming at the Fairlington pool for FHE, thanks to our dear friend, Nicole, and we had a great time! The kids would swim every day, so when we actually go, they just eat it up! Everyone except John, who's a lot more content in the "baby" pool, but we're working on that.

Tuesday - National Aquarium in Baltimore with our friend, Jami.

Wednesday - Playgroup at the Sprayground - a playground with sprinklers shooting out

Thursday - Claude Moore Memorial Farm - took us back to the year 1771 where we learned to card wool, crush corn, wash clothes in a basin with lye soap and play children's games - it's amazing what fun a child can have with a rope tied to a tree! TARZAN, eat your heart out!

Friday - Arlington County Fair. We climbed in a fireman's truck, watched a demonstration of Thai Chi, got lots of free candy, shook hands with the police officers, and brought home gobs of free pencils, coloring books and the like. We didn't see any animals - I couldn't find them anywhere!

Friday night, we all watched the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics! They were breathtaking! I was so impressed with the precision of the 2008 dancers who beat the drums and danced. And the boxes that bobbed up and down, run by people inside? It's beyond my comprehension how they were so completely accurate! The only word to describe it is WOW!

Saturday - Andrew took the kids to swim lessons in the morning, and John and I stayed home to watch the Olympics and clean the house. Later, while John and I napped, Daddy took the 3 "big kids" to the Air and Space Museum downtown. At dinner, they told me in full detail all about what they saw - I was amazed at what they remembered. We finished off the day with some more Olympic Swimming, and a great conversation with Mom C.

We love our family and miss them all deeply! Who knows? Maybe someday we'll live closer.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Fun with Chuck!

Do you know Chuck? He has his own place with lots of fun games and so many sounds that your head feels like it might explode!
But John liked it, and that's all that mattered. We visit Chuck (aka Chuck E. Cheese) about once a year, and this was our ONCE! We ended up with about 160 tokens (thanks to some great coupons) and used almost all of them. Even Johnny got the concept "May I please have another penny?" And then he'd run, put it into a game and come back for more! He's such a silly guy - we're so glad he's in our family!
Grant and I playing a racing game. The first time, I pushed the gas while he drove, and the next time, he gave me pointers while I drove. It was a lot harder than it looked!
Faith on the helicopter ride. It's so cute how such a simple ride makes them so happy. What will they think of Disney World with Mimi and Papa in October? I can hardly wait to see!
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