Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's a SNAKE!

I was outside using the Weed Whacker in the front yard. As I headed around to the side of the yard, I saw a snake staring at me between the wheels of Grant's bike. It took me a second to figure out what it was, and then I RAN inside and screamed to Andrew "There is a HUGE snake in our front yard!" His reaction? "COOL!" My reaction? "Get him out of here!"
My brave Prince Charming went out to battle the snake. He was over 4 feet long, and was not happy about us bothering him. At one point, Mr. Slither tried to get away, but Andrew reached into the bushes, grabbed his tail and yanked him back out onto the driveway! Not long after, we had a whole crowd of neighbor kids over looking at the snake.

What do you do when you find a snake? On Saturday? We called the POLICE! The first cop said with no hesitation, "I am NOT touching that thing!" When his backup arrived, he was a bit more brave. We got the snake into a pillow case, and they took him to "relocate" him.
SCARY! The biggest snake either of us have ever seen in the wild! But, we are now safe again!
Here's a cute picture of Drew after church today. He loves bread!
And Clark and Faith? Um...Let me just say goofus on the roofus! Love those kids so much!
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Many Faces of our Drew-bug

Our little Drew-bug is 14 months now, and I am just enjoying every single day. People often ask "Aren't you sad that he's growing out of this stage, or that stage?" Honestly, NO. I'm not. I try to have no regrets and spend as much time as I can with my little miracle boy, and then let him grow up to the next fun stage!
He loves to scrunch up his nose and make funny faces. During this photo "shoot", he started to really perform, pulling all these funny faces, and loving every click of the camera!
Just plain silly, that's what he is. And I love every inch of his squishy little body!
Drew knows where his head is. He also knows how to say: All done, ball, a version of "dog", and he sings "Pop, Pop" (Popcorn Popping). The great thing about having Drew is that every one of the children get to enjoy each phase with us! None of them remember any other baby in our family, so this is their first experience and they LAUGH, oh how they LAUGH at the darling things he does.
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Faith's Baptism

Oh, what a special day we had on Saturday! Faith was surrounded by SO many loved ones on her special day. Thank you to each one of you who came to share your love for Faith. She truly felt it, and so did we.
The only way we could get a "real" smile out of Faith is if we let her do her "sassy" pose. So, here she is in her truest form! Oh, how I love that not-so-little girl!
Daddy was beaming with tears in his eyes almost the whole morning. So pleased with the activities of the day. He gave her a beautiful Confirmation and blessing that we will always remember - she truly HAS blessed our lives and I have learned so much from this spunky little gal!
Our dear, sweet Grandma Mix, who turns 91 this month - with Grandpa Jack & Grandma Rosemary. We were so touched that they would come. Thank you for loving us as your own!
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