Sunday, March 29, 2009

Silly Kids!

Tonight after we got our jammies on, we had a family Photo Shoot. Aren't my three "big" boys adorable? Getting them to hold still for this picture was difficult!!! Grant likes to do bunny ears, Clark likes to do funny faces, and John puts his arms in front of his face! Silly boys!
Here's our whole gang! They couldn't make us any happier! This shows their personalities so well! Look at Clark's smirk! I happened to catch John without his hand in front of his face. Faith is holding Drew maybe a bit too tight - doesn't his face seem a bit red? Grant is just happy to be there! In the background, you can see a sneak peak of our kitchen.
Mommy and Daddy with Drew. Drew's not happy, Daddy's half-happy, and Grant is thrilled that we let him take the picture!
Um...guess who took this one? JOHNNY! We all "fit" in the picture, but this wouldn't win any awards! We're just having fun, and that's what it's all about. Good night, Grant. Good night, Faith. Good night, Clark. Good night, John. I love you all!
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Puttin' on the Pounds!

Our little Drew is getting not-so-little! His cheeks have really filled out in the past week, and he is looking more and more like our other kiddos did at that age. Drew loves his pacifier and loves it even more when he's held. Faith is our little "holder", and will run to him anytime he cries. I am so grateful for her.
We had a surprise visit from Amelia Bedelia herself on Friday night who came to read some books to the children about her adventures! They loved it, Grandma. Thanks for being so fun!
Did I mention that Drew has figured out how to cry? And I mean really CRY! Clark said "Mom, I had no idea that a baby could cry THAT loud for THAT long!" Mind you, it was about 5 minutes while I was finishing up something, but that was plenty for Clark to hear!
He brings just so much joy to our lives. I can't look at him enough. I can't kiss him enough. These precious first weeks of his life are slipping away and before we know it, he'll be a toddler. I'm trying to enjoy every single day with this sweetheart sent from my Heavenly Father. The children love to nurture him and help make him happy, each with their own style. Faith picks him up and sits on the couch with him, Grant says "Hello, little Drew bug" and then moves on. Clark "Hi...(picture a very high sing-songy voice)" and John puts his face RIGHT in Drew's face, and leaves sloppy kisses on him, multiple times a day.

At 6 weeks now, we are STILL waiting for Drew's smile to emerge. We've seen it in his sleep, but he's quite somber during the awake hours. Of course, Grant was this way. And look at him now! Mr. Silly Pants for sure. We'll appreciate the smiles even more when they come!

This week I made a trip to the ER, worried that I might be experiencing the RETURN OF THE BLOOD CLOTS! But, my lungs were clear. I was just extremely sore from all the nighttime hours attempting to sleep with Drew in my arms. Weird positions, EXTREME exhaustion and a hungry baby are not a good combination. We are in the midst of watching the entire series of LOST, which probably causes more loss of sleep than the baby does. It's our own fault, I know!

I can hardly wait for General Conference next weekend, where we will hear the words of our Prophets! We will also be blessing little Drew in our home on Sunday. Great pictures to come of ALL the family with this little guy! Next of the house (as per request from our GV6th friends)
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Every Single Day is special

When I nurse, I don't read books. I stare at my beautiful, miracle baby. He has brought so much joy into our lives in his short month of life. His cheeks have doubled in size, which makes him look more and more like our other kids. This one of him sleeping looks like Clark's hair...
This one looks like Grant a lot, and a bit of Clark's nose. I am waiting EVER so patiently for the first smile. He's almost 5 weeks, and it should be arriving any day. I will think of it as Drew's gift to me for feeding him every 3 hours for the past 35 days. Well worth it!
Here Grant is reading to the boys about "World Leaders", and even Drew is participating (on left). Grant was supposed to be holding him, but decided that the couch was doing a fine job. He's multi-tasking.
Daddy loves to give Drew a bath, and Drew loves to get them. He just sits there enjoying the warm water, never making a sound. For as much as he spits, he gets a lot of baths to clean out that cute little (chubby) neck. We love this little boy SO much!

Funny story about Clark.. (I do have 4 other children, who have adjusted quite nicely to the move, by the way). I handed Clark a cookie from Ikea in the car the other day. You know the ones that are round, with a round dollup of chocolate in the middle? Anyway, I handed it to him, and he said "Wow...these are well designed!"

One more funny... our John is known for having one volume...LOUD! NO matter how much you ask him to speak sweetly or softly, he retreats back to his normal volume within seconds. Last Saturday, while we were setting up the trampoline, I heard John yelling at full voice about something...right afterwards, Clark said (in a yelling voice himself) "John! You do not have to yell as loud as a fire engine!" Well said, buddy!
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