Sunday, June 6, 2010

Spirit Week!

Can you guess? NERD DAY! The kids had SO much fun dressing up and Faith sat completely still while I did this to her hair - very atypical of my daughter!
The next day was...CRAZY HAIR/HAT DAY! Clark wanted a spike like Lewis from "Meet the Robinsons". Faith wanted volcanoes all over her head. So, 25 minutes later, we had done it!
Grant's hair is so incredibly short after his self-inflicted reverse mohawk, that we couldn't do a thing to it. So, he wore a soccer cone on his head - not my idea, but he thought it was hilarious! This picture makes me laugh so hard! Each showing their personalities so well!
Faith's trick - cross-eyes. I hadn't seen her do this in ages, but when I asked to take a picture of her hair, this was her immediate reaction. Grant looks so cute in the background too.

Stay tuned for Pioneer Pictures. Although I'm not supposed to look 21st century, I"m going to insist on bringing my camera to This is the Place next week, where we volunteer on Fridays from 10-2. Come visit us in the Rich home - we'd love to have you!
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