Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Basement Project

Here is the progress on the basement. Kellert (our amazing Contractor) has all the wainscoting up, and will work this week on the stairway up. You can see in this picture the little Kids Clubhouse that Kellert built under the stairs - this will be just so fun for them to have their own little space. Even the light switch is lower for them. I think I might put my cousin Ann's Solar System vinyl in there. Might as well learn something, right?
At the end of this room will be two benches and a short entertainment center with a TV on the wall (maybe by Christmas).
This is the doorway into the bathroom, and the continuing into the BIG room. Because it's a walk-out basement, it will be really light and useful space - not feeling like a basement. EXCITED!
This is the nook for the desk, and then on up the stairs. Stay tuned. In about 4 weeks, this should look MUCH different!
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