Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dear friends make everything better!

Faith received a Principal's Pride award for a silly poem she wrote about the ice cream that they stored in the bathroom. She has quite an imagination!
Our dear, sweet friend, Heather, got married to her sweetheart, Jed. We were thrilled to be invited to all the festivities! We love Heather like she is our own. She has been THE favorite babysitter since we lived in Indiana, and we are so grateful to live close again! Love you, Heather!
My Clark is a CHARACTER with a capital C! The Kindergarten class was putting on a ZOO, each child dressing up as the animal of their choice. During this song, he's doing a little jive, and really hamming it up. Maybe he got this from his Mimi!?!
Here are the desert animals. The children designed their own habitat background, and used household items to make into the scenery. Miss Ipson is just so darling - Clark has learned so much, and really had a GREAT time at school this year!
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